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Webinar 4/2/17 – Arborgold 4.2

Send and track emails using “SendGrid” as an option instead of ElasticEmail- small cost but tracks emails being sent, received and opened and those statuses can be viewed via Arborgold vs logging into a 2nd system. 40,000/30 days trial. $10-$20/month depending on volume. Either/or with elastic. Not both. Supposed to be better than elastic with [...]

Webinar 12/1/16 Settings Options in Mobile Estimator

If your client is not seeing your messages or is having a hard time getting to them, walk them through their Mobile Estimator Settings and see that they look like this. A few tips are to keep the first setting to "hide completed". This way once they mark their message or appt completed, it will [...]

What’s your Process Look Like?

My husband and I were having coffee last Sunday morning, and our doorbell rang. 
“Are you expecting anyone, honey?” he asked. “On a Sunday morning….hardly” So he went to the door. Two young men stood on our patio, one with a pad of paper in his hand. “We noticed the ribbon tied around the tree [...]

Vincent Gets Promoted at My Virtual Paige