Yes!  But if you aren’t yet, we can help get you started.  We utilize all of Arborgold‘s incredible features to run your business remotely.  All of your customers information will be placed in Arborgold.  You will have access to messages, and changes in your schedule in real time.  You will also be aware of completed work in the field as well as payments accepted from your customers as you continue running your business!

Answering services are often easily recognizable as a “service,” perform only the simplest tasks, such as forwarding messages, and can be impersonal. MVP, on the other hand, sounds as if she’s right in your office, answering calls live and relaying vital information to your callers.  The critical difference with us…we input all of your customers information into Arborgold and schedule your proposal appointment immediately with your customer.


Absolutely! You may simply forward your existing phone number to us all the time.

Our team of virtual receptionists answers live Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm in every US time zone. Outside of those hours, we can provide a number of automated options, for which there is no charge.

Yes! Every call that comes in when we’re open is answered by your cheerful MVP receptionist, and if your caller reaches an automated response, a live call will be returned before the close of the business day.

MVP’s virtual receptionists will answer your calls with your personalized greeting. Greetings typically include “Good Morning/Good Afternoon” or “Thank you for calling,” your company name, and an offer of assistance such as “How may I help you?” However, they are completely customizable to fit your business.  At the time of each call, customer questions will be fully answered, customer information will be placed in your Arborgold cloud platform.  Best of all, proposal appointments will be scheduled immediately.

All phone messages and appointments entered are immediately available to sales reps in the field on your Arborgold cloud platform.  You may choose to have urgent messages sent to you via Arborgold’s Twilio API.


Our MVP virtual receptionists are located all over the United States.  Working from home and sharing your MVP receptionist with another business in your time zone makes our services affordable and accessible!

We certainly can! Our virtual receptionists are happy to place calls to relay information or confirm appointments on your behalf.  These calls are made from an 888# that is assigned to your account.

Anywhere in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

No. Our contract lasts for the first 90 days.  Thereafter, we require a 30 day notice of cancellation.

Simply complete the contact form below.  We will follow up with an email containing a short programming form that will tell us more about your business.  An MVP team member will call to welcome you, chat with you briefly, and then get your contract to you right away.  Then it’s just time to get you up and running!

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