January 2017 The Story Exchange

The Independent Life

“Before Michelle Myers became an entrepreneur, she weathered a number of personal and financial crises. But starting and growing her two back-office services companies, My Virtual Paige and Pink Callers, provided renewed stability, and paved the way to the love of her life.

Today, Myers says she has a “Brady Bunch style family — kids from here, there and everywhere.” It’s a second marriage for her and her husband, Doug — she divorced, and he lost his first wife in a car accident. She brought two children to their union and adopted Doug’s daughter.

Entrepreneurship, she says, has provided financial security and time to devote to her husband and their children. “To have the freedom to support melding a family together, to meet those needs, was crucial. I’m really grateful.”  Read the full article

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May 2016 TCI Magazine

Grow Roots for your Business in the Cloud

“But the cloud is not just for the big corporations. Cloud entrepreneur Bask Iyer says, “The cloud is the great equalizer for today’s startups.” Now, small businesses have access to computing power that once upon a time was only affordable for large corporations. Software companies geared toward the green industry like Arborgold, Jobber and KickServ among others profiled in the October 2015 issue of TCIA magazine, already feature cloud computing as the backbone for how their business software products. So, it’s clear that the cloud is a proven solution for business growth. But what are the benefits to a tree care business?
Small business owners need to get over what virtual staffing expert Chris Ducker calls, “the superhero syndrome.” The help is out there for dealing with the pain points in your business. You just have to reach for it. Once in the cloud, your business has virtual access to other professionals who offer essential services and expertise for your business. And these virtual assistants and online business managers never have to set foot in your office.”
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March 2016 The Story Exchange

The Uphill Climb

“Myers’ rough patch began in 2008. “I lost my corporate design job and found myself without work, raising two children alone,” she says. The recession compounded her financial problems. Though she was able to get government assistance, she still lost her home and car.

In a bid for survival, Myers made what she calls a “traumatic” choice that, in some ways, haunts her still. In June of 2009, she and her infant daughter left Virginia and went to live with her sister and brother-in-law in Colorado. Sadly, she had to leave her son with his father in the Washington, D.C., area.

In Colorado, Myers’ sister and brother-in-law gave her work in their construction company. But when their venture shifted gears in response to the recession, she took the wine shop job for additional income.


The longer-term solution was in her blood. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs. On a daily basis, my sister would say: ‘You have to work for yourself.'”  Read the full article.

March 2016 Forbes Magazine – Entrepreneurs Section

Myers started her company out of economic necessity, and she’s not alone. According to the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor from Babson College, just over a fifth of female entrepreneurs in the United States start businesses for this reason. Among the women who took part in our 1,000 Stories campaign, 4% started up out of economic necessity, and slightly fewer to gain financial independence.

Myers’ drive has paid off — and shown that entrepreneurship can be a powerful solution for women in financial straights. While My Virtual Paige started as a one-woman show, today it has six employees. And though Myers declined to disclose current revenue figures, she says her business has gone from grossing less than $10,000 in its first year to pulling in six figures in 2015 — and is poised for significant future growth.” Read the full article.

December 2015 TCI Magazine – Cutting Edge Section

“My Virtual Paige, expanded answering service….offering a smart team of virtual receptionists trained to make a difference in your tree care, lawn care or landscape business.  Using exclusively Arborgold’s cloud based software, they handle your calls from their remote offices nationwide.  My Virtual Paige, a TCIA Associate Member company located in Middleburg, Virginia is intended to help those who may be missing opportunities, be behind on paperwork, or need some support managing the workflow.”  Read the full article.

August 2015 – The Story Exchange

“Reason for starting: In 2008 I lost my corporate-design career and found myself without work, raising two children alone — and we had no idea a long recession was on the way. I ended up losing our home and my car and relocated to my family’s home in Colorado looking for a restart. My sister and brother-in-law were in construction and thought I could help in their business doing drawings, pulling permits and other various work.

How do you define success? Having created a business that supports my family, as I fulfill my primary roles of wife and mother. Continuing to provide at-home jobs for parents. Supporting our amazing clients as they do the hard work in the field each and every day. Allowing all of us to continue to grow.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My biggest challenge is getting the word out about our business and helping potential clients see that they may be the log jamb in their own business by wanting to handle each and every phone call. Getting them to see the potential for growth once we begin to handle the pipeline with them.

Who is your most important role model? Sir Richard Branson.”  Read the full article

November 2014 Leesburg Today – Business Section

“Vincent joined the team at My Virtual Paige in 2014 and quickly advanced in the role of Administrative Assistant. Her years of administrative experience in customer-focused technology solutions made her a natural fit for the current promotion. Prior to his position with My Virtual Paige, Vincent served in technical and management positions with Verizon Wireless Corporation, responsible for delivering administrative-focused solutions through technical support, training, and response team coordination.

As Administrative Coordinator at My Virtual Paige, Vincent will oversee administrative staff and operations, client acquisition, and client relations while guiding the definition and demonstration of My Virtual Paige’s vision.”  Read the full article.

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